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What is AUDD?

AUDD is short for Australian Digital Dollar.

AUDD is an Australian digital dollar, designed to meet the speed, efficiency, transparency, and demands of the growing shift into the digital world. Available on multiple blockchains including the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token, natively on Stellar and XRP Ledger and due on Solana in the coming months.


A digital asset backed by a real-world asset. The A$.

AUDD is collateralised on a 1:1 basis by Australia’s sovereign currency by way of cash in bank accounts or government-backed instruments such as Treasury Bills and Notes. For every AUDD that it mints, AUDC holds one A$ in reserve.

Maximum stability. Pegged to A$.

The price of AUDD is pegged to the Australian Dollar. This addresses the price volatility that non-stablecoins digital assets experience when their prices swing due to imbalances between the supply and demand of the token.designed fo

Maximum flexibility. Blockchain-agnostic.

AUDD is blockchain agnostic, and is available on Stellar, XRP Ledger, and Ethereum (ERC-20). Our intention is to add AUDD to more blockchains on a case-by-case basis to meet the use case demand.

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Transparent. LAUNCHED by Novatti.

AUDC Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Novatti Group (ASX: NOV), a publicly-traded fintech company that is a proactive advocate for the effective regulation of the fintech sector in Australia. Novatti is committed to transparent, robust, and agile participation in all industry regulation efforts.

AUDC has engaged with a multinational professional services firm to undertake third-party security assessments of its technology platform and public-facing websites.

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A modern payment solution. Fast. Stable. Secure

Whether you’re a fintech, money services business, or commercial solutions provider, much like blockchain, you can transform your business by using AUDD as a modern payment solution. The benefits include:

  • Safe and secure payments
  • Transact between digital and fiat currencies
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Instant payments with fast settlements


Same price. AUDD or A$.

Whether you are making an online payment, a business settling to merchants, making a trade payments as an import or exporter, or making a cross-border settlement, with AUDD you will have the same price as A$.


Stabilise your crypto value.

AUDD can lower the volatility risk of your crypto holding, especially on exchanges that don’t allow exchanges for fiat currencies due to regulatory restrictions.


Easily move between digital and fiat currencies.

AUDD makes it easier to move between fiat and digital currencies. With your equivalent Australian dollars in an AUDD stablecoin built and operated on the blockchain, your transactions seamlessly move within the same technology infrastructure.

The world’s economy is now an e-conomy.

From micro to macro, from local to global – the internet has become the core operating system for our economy. McKinsey estimates that the internet now accounts for 3.4% of GDP across the world’s largest economies, a percentage that’s expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.


E-Conomies are borderless, always-on, and move at the speed of information.

Global trade and commercial activity need to operate at internet speed. While the world’s information and data now flows frictionlessly through the internet, the same cannot be said for money.


Money moves slowly along old pipes. 

The problem with the world’s money system is that it was designed for an analog economy, where the majority of trade was local and transactions were processed by highly regulated financial institutions. In an online world, the strengths of this system become its weaknesses.

Our digital e-conomy needs a digital currency.

In the same way that the internet changed the way information moves, Novatti believes that it’s time to change the way money moves. Our digital economy needs a safe and secure digital currency — that can move at the same speed as the internet. A new way of facilitating trade — wherever we are in the world, whatever type of platform we’re on and however small or large the transaction.


AUDD is a digital currency with the same trust and stability as a fiat currency.

AUDD is a blockchain agnostic stablecoin designed to increase the speed of financial transactions, without sacrificing the trust of paying with fiat currencies. This innovation will enable businesses, people and governments to make financial transactions at a fraction of the cost and time currently taken by fiat payments.

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How can I start using AUDD today?

Get AUDD today via the AUDD Digital platform

Get started in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up on the AUDD Digital platform
Step 2: Purchase AUDD
Step 3: Buy, swap and sell AUDD on Ethereum, Stellar and Ripple via the AUDD Digital platform

For more information on how to register, click here.

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AUDD is Novatti’s Australian Dollar (A$) backed stablecoin which is a type of digital currency. This will be reviewed and attested regularly by our external auditors.

AUDD will only be minted and distributed upon confirmation of the equivalent A$ being received/present in the custodial bank account, Novatti subsidiary AUDC PTY LTD. For security and best practice, AUDD is not pre-minted, or minted based on credit.

AUDD is a multichain solution, meaning it is available on more than one blockchain. AUDD is is currently natively deployed on Ethereum, Stellar and XRP Ledger. It will be deployed across more blockchains on a case-by-case basis.

AUDD is issued on multiple blockchain technologies taking a ‘blockchain agnostic’ approach, we do not limit AUDD to one market or use case – much like you would not limit other payments to bank transfers or credit card payments.

AUDD will function over multiple blockchain technologies already on Stellar, XRP Ledger, and Ethereum. We intend to add AUDD to more blockchains on a case-by-case basis.

AUDD’s real currency backing will be fully transparent. During Q1 2024, it is planned that our website will show the monthly audit results where transaction data on the blockchain is reconciled with the actual A$ fiat currency holdings.

The renaming was the result of a trademark filing complication. Novatti had already registered AUDD alongside AUDC, so it was chosen as the logical choice to replace it.

Stability and Security

AUDD is 1:1 backed by Australian Dollars or short dated Treasury Notes held by the issuer, AUDC PTY LTD.

Some key differences are that:

  1. CBDC is issued by a central bank, whereas stablecoins such as AUDD are issued by financial services institutions, and
  2. In a technology sense AUDD is validated through a public blockchain, whilst CBDCs will usually be on private blockchains.
  3. CBDCs aim to maintain monetary control, while stablecoins serve multiple purposes, including digital payments and use in the digitally native ecosystem.

eAUD (Australia’s proposed CBDC) for example, will be centralised in nature, due to the restrictions or permissions placed upon it by the blockchain upon which it operates. The industry does not anticipate the release of eAUD for at least another five years and the current expectation is that it will be a wholesale token, not a retail product.

In contrast, we see that industry stablecoins, such as AUDD, will focus on solving business use cases and driving the digital transformation of payments.

AUDD is 1:1 backed by Australian Dollars, through cash or short dated Treasury Notes, held in Australian Financial Institution accounts by the issuer, AUDC PTY LTD.

As AUDD will be minted on an ‘as needed’ basis, the storage of AUDD by AUDC PTY LTD for prolonged periods of time will not be required. The receiving entity purchasing the stablecoin (taking ownership of AUDD) is responsible for the custody of the AUDD they acquire.

You can find all AUDD activities on the Stellar explorer address here.

The official Ethereum contract address for AUDD can be found here.

The official XRP Ledger address for AUDD can be found here.

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