AUDD Now Available on Banxa: Expanding Horizons for Stablecoin Accessibility

13 Mar, 2024


Welcome to a pivotal moment in the journey of AUDD – the Australian Dollar stablecoin that combines the reliability of traditional finance with the innovation of the blockchain world. We are thrilled to announce that AUDD is now available on Banxa, a leading fiat-to-crypto gateway. This integration marks a significant step forward in making our stablecoin more accessible and versatile for users globally.

Ease of Purchase with Popular Payment Methods.

Purchasing AUDD has never been easier, thanks to its availability on Banxa. Now, users can seamlessly acquire AUDD using widely recognised and trusted payment methods like Visa and Mastercard. This integration is especially beneficial as it caters to a broad range of users – from those well-versed in the crypto space to newcomers making their first foray into digital currencies. The user-friendly interface of Banxa simplifies the transaction process, acquiring traightforward and accessible. Whether you’re looking to invest, trade, or simply explore the world of stablecoins, the convenience of buying AUDD through Banxa enhances the overall experience.

Versatility in Currency Exchange:

The versatility of AUDD extends beyond Australian shores. Through Banxa, AUDD can be purchased not only with Australian Dollars but also with major currencies like the USD, EURO, HKD, and SGD. This feature caters to our global* user base, allowing more people around the world to access and utilise AUDD in their preferred currency.

Integration with Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

AUDD’s availability on Banxa is more than just about individual users; it’s a strategic move towards deeper integration with cryptocurrency exchanges. Banxa, known for its role as a fiat on/off gateway, provides an excellent platform for exchanges to leverage AUDD for treasury management and to establish a stronger connection with their Australian/AUD clientele. This integration is seen as an opportunity to reopen discussions with exchanges, further embedding AUDD in the global crypto ecosystem.

Stability and Security of AUDD:

Our commitment to stability and security is at the heart of AUDD. Each AUDD is backed by Australian dollars in a 1:1 ratio, ensuring a stable and dependable digital asset for our users. This support is backed up by stringent security measures and a ‘compliance first’ approach, providing peace of mind in an often volatile cryptocurrency market.

Future Outlook and Plans for AUDD:

Looking ahead, we are excited about the potential of our partnership with Banxa. We see this as a gateway to expanding AUDD’s reach, particularly in connecting with the Australian market more effectively. Our team is fully committed to leveraging this partnership to enhance AUDD’s offerings and explore innovative solutions in the digital economy.


Ready to dive into the world of AUDD? Visit the Banxa platform to purchase AUDD using your preferred payment method. If you would like to know more about how an AUDD x Banxa integration can  enhance your client offerings, especially for those dealing in Australian Dollars, be sure to reach out to the Banxa team today

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*Please note that AUDD will not be available via Banxa in the UK.

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