AUDD on Neo-X: Seamless Global Transactions at Your Fingertips

17 Jan, 2024


We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for AUDD. Neo-X, a leader in digital asset solutions and value transfer, now lists our Australian Dollar-backed stablecoin. As a result, this collaboration marks a new era for seamless, efficient, and secure financial transactions, both domestically and globally.

AUDD on Neo-X: Revolutionising Value Transfer

Neo-X stands at the forefront of combining traditional foreign exchange methodologies with cutting-edge digital asset technology. Therefore, this partnership brings AUDD to a platform that understands the intricacies of value transfer and is committed to addressing the liquidity needs of enterprises in Australia and beyond.

Why AUDD on Neo-X?

AUDD’s stable nature, backed 1:1 by the Australian dollar, offers a dependable and consistent value. Now, Neo-X’s innovative platform pairs this stability, allowing for:

1. Global and domestic payments: Transfer value globally or within Australia instantly, overcoming traditional banking systems. AUDD offers a real-time, cost-effective solution for international and local payments.

2. Trading and Arbitrage Opportunities: Neo-X enables trading various cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange assets against AUDD. This functionality bridges instant value transfer between different assets, saving time and costs by reducing the need to settle back into fiat currency.

Empower Your Financial Operations

AUDD on Neo-X offers companies a versatile solution to manage international transactions efficiently or streamline financial operations. Furthermore, it empowers organisations to adapt effectively to changing market conditions.

Experience the ease of managing your assets with AUDD’s stability and security, coupled with the innovative trading opportunities on Neo-X.

Get Started with AUDD on Neo-X

Ready to dive into a world where financial transactions are made simple, efficient, and secure? We invite you to join the Neo-X platform and start utilising AUDD. Register easily to open the door to a range of possibilities with AUDD.

To get started, visit Neo-X now and begin your trading journey with AUDD!

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