MyBrix AUDD integration: Revolutionising property finance

30 Jan, 2024


In the dynamic world of stablecoins, AUDD continues to distinguish itself through its innovative approach and practical utility. Today marks a significant milestone in this journey as we announce the much-anticipated integration of AUDD on the pioneering property funding and investment platform MyBrix. This collaboration is a first for AUDD utilising our AUDD Gateway product offering. Additionally, MyBrix AUDD integration marks a groundbreaking moment for property finance and investment in Australia.

Introducing the MyBrix AUDD integration: A new era in property finance

MyBrix is a trailblazing Australian fintech startup redefining the property finance and investment space. They’ve transformed the traditional property funding model, presenting a system where interest, repayments, and conventional banking involvement are things of the past. Consequently, MyBrix is a testament to financial innovation, offering a new, empowering approach to property ownership and investment.

Understanding MyBrix: Pioneering the future with AUDD

Tailored for property owners and investors focused on the Australian real estate market, MyBrix’s service offering is truly unique. Specifically, it enables property owners to sell fractional interests in their properties, creating an opportunity for both parties to reap the future capital gains of that specific property. This model benefits property owners by eliminating the need for interest and repayments. Investors can also invest up to 15% below market value.

The problem MyBrix solves

The traditional property finance system is laden with challenges, ranging from mortgage stress to the restrictive nature of credit assessments. In contrast, MyBrix addresses these issues head-on. MyBrix founder and CEO Brian Stevens states, “While the concept of interest in funding has ancient roots, it’s increasingly misaligned with contemporary financial interactions, especially in high-cost assets like property.” MyBrix’s innovative approach avoids mortgage stress, mortgage cliffs, and high penalties, offering a liberating alternative to property owners and investors.

Benefits for MyBrix clients

For property owners, MyBrix offers a world of benefits:

  • No interest or repayments.
  • No credit checks.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • The ability to retain full ownership.

On the other hand, investors can invest in premium properties below market value, enjoy increased liquidity, and benefit from unique investment opportunities. Moreover, there’s no more burden of stamp duty or holding costs. MyBrix AUDD integration plays a crucial role in enhancing these benefits.

AUDD’s role in enhancing MyBrix

AUDD’s MyBrix integration elevates the platform to new heights. By opting for AUDD, clients can use a 1:1 fiat-backed stablecoin, ensuring the certainty of transactions and withdrawals. Utilising the Stellar blockchain protocol means low transaction costs and high-security standards that complement MyBrix’s innovative model, offering seamless and secure transactions for every user.
Additionally, a standout feature of this integration is the ability for clients to transfer digital assets to MyBrix directly via AUDD, bypassing traditional banking systems and fiat currency. This direct digital asset-to-MyBrix pathway via AUDD streamlines the process, allowing for a more fluid and efficient investment experience, especially for those already invested in the digital currency space.
Existing AUDD holders can send their AUDD straight from their Stellar wallet to the MyBrix platform. Alternatively, MyBrix customers (and new customers) can fund their MyBrix wallet straight from their bank account through the AUDD Gateway – no previous blockchain experience required!

How to get started with MyBrix AUDD integration

Join us in embracing this revolutionary step in property finance. Visit the MyBrix website today to discover how MyBrix, powered by AUDD, is reshaping the future of property investment and finance in Australia. Be a part of this groundbreaking journey where opportunities and empowerment replace traditional financial constraints.

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