Zerocap AUDD Integration: A New Era in Digital Asset Trading

30 Nov, 2023

By Effie Dimitropoulos, Executive General Manager

Zerocap welcomes AUDD

This article explores the new Zerocap AUDD Integration, a significant development in the digital asset ecosystem. In an innovative move within the web3 sector, Zerocap, a leading digital asset trading firm, has seamlessly integrated our Australian Dollar stablecoin, AUDD, into their extensive service offering.

A new stability in the digital asset ecosystem

This integration is a significant step in providing seamless blockchain solutions to clients in Australia and APAC. AUDD, known for its stability, strong governance, and reliability, is now being utilised via a new avenue within Zerocap’s comprehensive ecosystem. 

Understanding the Zerocap AUDD integration

Zerocap, a firm celebrated for its expertise in digital asset technology and institutional trading, has set the bar high in terms of governance, compliance, and innovative financial solutions. Moreover, Zerocap recently collaborated with the DFCRC on the RBA’s CBDC Pilot Program. They also won Blockchain Organisation of the Year again at the Blockies Awards. This partnership’s continuation leverages both entities’ strengths to offer a seamless trading and custody experience.

A new era in OTC trading and beyond with Zerocap AUDD integration

The integration of AUDD into Zerocap’s offerings, particularly in the Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading activity, has already begun redefining the landscape of cryptocurrency transactions in Australia. Furthermore, this integration is not just a conceptual milestone but a practical one, with several large OTC trades successfully conducted since the launch. The trades carried out in mere minutes and at a significantly reduced cost compared to restrictive traditional rails, which often come at a premium, exemplify the efficiency and economic advantage of this partnership.

Breaking new ground in digital trading with AUDD and Zerocap

One of the most groundbreaking aspects of the Zerocap AUDD integration is the ability to conduct trades without relying on traditional banking rails. Additionally, this feature addresses a common challenge many face in the digital asset sector. By utilising non-traditional fiat channels, AUDD and Zerocap have opened up a more accessible and streamlined pathway for trading, which is particularly advantageous in a market where speed and ease of access are paramount.

Enhancing trading versatility: The role of AUDD in Zerocap’s services

Clients engaging with Zerocap’s OTC service can now use AUDD in two ways: 

1. As a means to receive settlements for the trade of other crypto assets and 

2. As a currency to purchase additional digital assets

This versatility boosts AUDD’s utility and reach, making it a versatile tool in digital asset trading. It allows for a more fluid movement of assets, catering to traders’ and investors’ diverse needs and strategies.

Furthermore, Zerocap has added support for AUDD in its institutional-grade digital asset custody solution. This custody service, known for its high security and compliance standards, now encompasses AUDD’s issuances on the StellarEthereum blockchains, and XRP Ledger. This ensures that AUDD holders can benefit from Zerocap’s secure custody and treasury management solutions, adding an extra layer of confidence and safety to their investments under the firm’s state-of-the-art safeguards.

The Future of AUDD in Zerocap’s Ecosystem

The potential of AUDD within Zerocap’s ecosystem is enormous. As digital assets continue to evolve, combining a reliable stablecoin like AUDD with Zerocap’s cutting-edge services is poised to offer an unprecedented level of innovation and convenience in trade settlements. The Zerocap AUDD integration is expected to open new avenues for utilising AUDD, further solidifying its position as a pivotal player in the digital asset market.

For wholesale and institutional clients seeking a reliable and progressive solution in the digital asset domain, integrating AUDD into Zerocap’s suite of services offers a promising opportunity. We encourage our readers to explore and engage with AUDD through Zerocap, leveraging its stability and Zerocap’s expertise to navigate the evolving landscape of digital asset trading.

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